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And Now For Something Different…

January 18, 2008

As some of you may or may not be aware of, Twilight Translations and Studio Llama Translation have teamed up to bring a number of Super Robot Wars games to English audiences. Up until now I’ve been rather hush-hush about my involvement with the projects. Sure, I’ve made a few posts on Studio Llama’s blog from time to time, but I’ve never officially acknowledged the projects on my own site. Today that changes.

The script for Super Robot Wars Advanced (SRWA) for the Gameboy Advance was dumped last year. I haven’t really had a chance (due to commitments to other projects) to sit down and implement the VWF I plan to. I have worked with the game enough to know one thing: I hate compiler generated assembly code. Once the hacking for SRWA is squared away, the other GBA SRWs should be fairly simple to hack.

That leaves us with the Playstation SRWs. Suzaku’s and my plan is to start at the beginning of each “saga” and work our way through to the subsequent entries in the series. In other words, we’ll be tackling the games in chronological order. For the Playstation series, that means beginning with the Complete Box, which collects SRW2, SRW3, and SRWEX all in one spiffy package.

My copy came earlier this week and I’ve just started working on the game. Let me make one thing clear, this is the first I’ve ever really worked with the Playstation. With that in mind, I thought it’d be interesting if I use this game as a demonstration of sorts. What if, I asked myself, I use my blog as a journal? That seems the most beneficial for everyone. For me, I’ll have the chance to reflect and collect my thoughts. For you, you’ll have the chance to first and foremost be kept up-to-date on where the project stands. In addition to this, you’ll also have the chance to see what goes into a project like this, especially when the hacker is new to the system. Hopefully it proves useful to someone.

The first dev-post won’t go up until tomorrow. That’s mostly because I’m too tired to take screenshots and type everything up tonight. If you tune in tomorrow, I guarantee you’ll find something worthwhile. Or maybe not.