Bare Knuckle 3: A Progress Report

As those of you who’ve checked the main site in the past week or so know, I’ve been working on Bare Knuckle 3 a lot in the past week. Actually, it’s been a week today since I started working on it again. Since this time last week, I’ve managed to figure out all of the text read and tilemap write routines that the game uses.

I spent most of today testing non-VWF code that I could test with the Japanese text still in place. Instead of having three independent routines to read text, they’re all now routed to a single routine. The tilemap routines, however, will stay independent of one another as they’re each handled slightly differently from the other. I’ve also thrown together a VWF routing. Although I haven’t begun testing it yet, I’m fairly confident that it’ll work.

At the moment I’m trying to come up with a viable way of handling line breaks. You see, instead of there being a control code like normal games, BK3 loads and draws an entire string in VRAM, one character right after the other. Line breaks (and line lengths) are determined in the tilemap routines. As you might have guessed, they’re hardcoded. I need to study the code a bit more and see what the most efficient course of action is.

There ya have it folks. Progress.  I hope you’re all as excited about this as I am. Like I’ve been saying for the past year, once SEKAS was finished up  progress on BK3 would pick up and sure enough it has. Stay tuned kiddies, we might just see make that Christmas ’08 release afterall.

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