Garbage, Garbage Every Where

So, I’ve been working on the VWF for Bare Knuckle 3 practically all day and I’ve just about got it and I’ve never been so happy to see random garbage spewed all over the screen. I started this day armed only with a flowchart and some pseudocode and I stand (sit really) before you with 24kb of code (that’s a little under 8 pages of code). There’s a few kinks left to work out of it, but they shouldn’t be too terribly difficult to fix. It really just depends on how many bugs I find in SEKAS.

On a somewhat related note, someone really needs to code a debugger for the Genesis. Debugging with only Gens Tracer is a bit of a pain. Great tool, it just doesn’t offer me the ability to stop execution mid-game and examine RAM like I need to. Fortunately, it isn’t that much more work this way. I’d still like to have a debugger, though.

All in all, today’s been an extremely productive day. I can’t recall the last time I spent all day working on a project and not wanting to kill someone by the time the day was over. I’m definitely gonna have to do this again. Yes, again…

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