Bare Knuckle 3: Released!

That’s right. It’s out. I’m too tired to write up a lengthy post, so just go grab the patch and enjoy it. Feel free to post comments here.

6 Responses to “Bare Knuckle 3: Released!”

  1. Paolo Says:

    How work this patch? Im triyin’ to play with it, but i dont’ know how…

  2. RedComet Says:

    You need to use an IPS patcher. I recommend LunarIPS, which you can get from

  3. Dustinian Says:

    First of all, here are step-by-step instructions. Until just a few minutes ago, I had never patched a rom before. So to save you lots of typing:

    1. Download the Japanese (J) ROM for “Bare Knuckle III.” Note: “Streets of Rage 3 (As)” will *not* work.
    2. Download the patch.
    3. Unzip the patch.
    4. Download Lunar IPS.
    5. Run Lunar IPS.
    6. Click “Apply IPS Patch.”
    7. Point Lunar IPS to the patch you downloaded and unzipped.
    8. Point Lunar IPS to the Japanese version of Bare Knuckles III.
    9. Open the ROM in a Genesis emulator (I like Fusion).
    Note: I had “Autofix Checksum” checked in the “Options” menu, so that may be required.
    Note: I did not have set my emulator to “Japan.” I left it on “USA” and it worked fine.

    Hope that helps other newbies.

    Now that that’s over…

    DUDES! This is AWESOME!

    My buddy send me this about an hour ago. We had just been talking last Sunday about me getting back into ROMS, and getting to level 6 in SOR2 before I realized any time had passed, because SOR2 was my absolute FAVORITE genesis game of all time.

    I had also expressed to Brian the inferiority of SOR3, and how I had to beat it with Blaze since they screwed up my boy Axel (that yellow is eye-bleeding).

    And then he sent me this link today. It took a crash course on patching ROMS for me to get this to work, but work it does, and it’s AWESOME! I’ve already beaten level 1 with Axel. I fully enjoyed the new intro, and I’m psyched to see the other cut scenes.

    I can’t speak to the three years you spent on this thing, but I can say that you’ve made me happier beyond reason. My girlfriend will hear of this (and roll her eyes). My friends will hear of this. My brother, who also loves SOR2, will damn sure hear of this.

    From a dedicated SOR2 fanboy, THANK YOU.

  4. Mike Says:

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  5. Shadowstitch Says:

    Nice job on the BK3 Translation!
    I’ll give it another playthrough as Ash in your honor.

  6. syuviel Says:

    fun translation, can’t wait for more of your work

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